1. Dec 2022 - 30. Jun 2023

About this Event

CALIFORNIALIVE is a Europe wide tasting series, organised by importers, joined by our vintners and supported by the California Wine Institute

To register for these tastings, seminars and winemaker dinners, please contact your local California Wines importer for more details.

Maquinze: California Tasting in March in Oostende/Belgium.

Bibendum / Casavino LIVE large tasting for professionals and consumers on February 18 in Sofia/Bulgaria.

Czech Republic
Californianwines: LIVE Large tasting for professionals and consumers at the American Residence on March 16 in Prague/Czech Republic.

Husted Vin: LIVE March 2 – shows wine from Schrader/Robert Mondavi at Ripotot with Jason Smith MS. Press&sommmeliers.
Strandgaarden: LIVE March 7 -For sommeliers or wine managers: tasting of Californian wines at restaurant Grimal.
Lundens Vinimport: LIVE 16 & 19 March – in collaboration with Schug and Babcock. For invitees only.
Supervin: LIVE March 25 – California Wine Festival with Erik Pope/Purple and Frederik Sjoelin/Scheid Family Wines in Monterey.
Laudrup Vin: LIVE June 3 – Winemakers dinner at restaurant Mark with wine from the following houses: Silver Oak, Tomey and Mount Eden.
California Wine Aps: LIVE June – Winemakers dinner with Hope Family Wines.

Vioneers: Tasting on 17 March 2023 in Düsseldorf/Germany
Weinexoten: Tasting & Dinner 24 March 2023 in München/Germany
Schlumberger: California Masterclass in April, Köln/Germany
Wein am Limit: Online-Tasting “California’s coolest cats” on 28. April 2023/Germany
EggersSohn: Masterclass “Terroir Hunting Stories” in Mai/Germany
Bacchus Vinothek: Masterclass für Sommeliers am 26. Juni on München/Germany

Residence: LIVE tasting and seminar on November 23 in Rotterdam/Netherlands
Activin: winemaker dinner on December 13 in Zoetermeer/Netherlands
Activin: winemaker dinner om May 10 in Laren/Netherlands

Endorwina: Poznań – LIVE. SPOT, Californian masterclass for on-trade & dinner with food pairing- for private wine lovers and club members. May
Centrum Wina; LIVE Warsaw – Wine Bar – Warszawa. Workshop for sales force, tasting for clients, wine dinner. May 15-19
Partner Center: Łódź – Restaurant Ukryte Rzeki. Wine dinner – Robert Mondavi. Tasting & Music. Workshop for sales force. May. Winemaker online.
Fine Wine: Gdańsk – Seminar and tasting: consumers & press, live cooking with Californian cuisine June 16/22. Winemaker online
Dom Wina: Cracow – Dwór Sieraków. Tasting and workshop for sales force. Online appearance. June 2023
Winkolekcja: Warsaw – Winebar Warsaw. Consumer tasting. Option for 3 events in different cities, Winemaker online. April/May
Wina MP: Warsaw and other 5 major polish cities – Series of consumer tastings, Winemaker online. May

Johan Lidby Stockholm-LIVE tasting and seminar on November 24 in Stockholm/Sweden
Sophronie Wines Stockholm- LIVE Winemaker press lunch on March 16 and consumer dinner on March 17
Philipson Söderberg Stockholm-Virtual tasting and dinner for trade and consumers on April 20

Engelstad Oslo- LIVE American BBQ consumer culinary and wine tasting from 4 California wine regions on May 5
Vinima Oslo- Virtual consumer tasting and launch of new California wines at Ambassaden (former American Embassy) April/May

Weinresidenz: LIVE Winemaker tasting dinner in Olsberg March 22/Switzerland
Zweifel: LIVE Winemaker dinner in Zürich on March 22/Switzerland
Weinresidenz: LIVE Winemaker tasting dinner in Zürich March 23/Switzerland